Kylie Sayce


Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we should put ourselves last. We do this under the guise of caring about others or modesty.

However, this is very self- defeating. You can’t do as much for others when you don’t make yourself a priority, too.

That’s where self love comes in

We get that creative women in particular can be ridiculously hard on themselves.

The good news?

The more you truly love yourself, the better you will be able to navigate these tricky (and unavoidable) situations–and the faster you will be able to pick yourself up, dust off your pants & get back to doing the good work you do in the world.

No matter what’s going on “on the outside” – real self love will help you to navigate anything our crazy world throws our way with (way) more ease, grace and resilience.

Bonus? When they learn to love yourself, you will also have more love to extend to others – including your friends, family and–of course–lovely paying clients.

And that’s why YOU need your new Self Love Journal!

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