Kylie Sayce


 Our modern lives are so fast-paced. Especially as creative women, we are always moving at warp speed every single day. 

Most of us are always doing something–for our businesses, our clients, our families. Or even just our homes (or cute home offices).

Obviously this pace isn’t sustainable over the long haul. Creative women not only crave downtime, we need it in order to stay in tip-top creative shape.

So right now I want to ask you…

- What would it feel like to take a pause, sloooow down and create loving rituals for yourself?

- What would it feel like to turn every “to do” or task into a mini-celebration?

- Or to infuse the daily grind with mini (or not-so-mini!) doses of fun and glamour?

If it all sounds fabulous but you’re not quite sure where to start, welcome.

You’re in just the right place.

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ritual Journal 

journal being upgraded