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Let go of your “money stuff” for good

Finally relax about + feel supported by your finances 

Start being, doing and having what you truly desire
(regardless of the price tags involved!)

the abundance journal  

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That’s where self love comes in. No matter what’s going on “on the outside” – real self love will help you navigate anything our crazy world throws your way with (way) more ease, grace and resilience.

The Self Love Journal for Wildly Creative Women! will help you navigate your way.

the self-Love Journal

The truth is money is energy–which means money has a frequency. But thanks to subconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs around what money is or means to us, we’re not always on the same frequency as money...and therefore, it’s not always showing up in our lives the way we’d like it to.

being a Entrepreneurial Woman isn’t just about being “good at” or “smart about” business. It’s also about being able to handle your business – and life..

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The Ritual Journal

What would it feel like to take a pause, sloooow down and create loving rituals for yourself? 

What would it feel like to turn every “to do” or task into a mini-celebration?

Or to infuse the daily grind with mini (or not-so-mini!) doses of fun and glamour?

If it all sounds fabulous but you’re not quite sure where to start, welcome.
You’re in just the right place.

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Inspirational Journal

Finding inspiration and making it last helps you to unleash your creativity and reach your goals.

   What can you possibly manifest with the power of your mind and actions?

Spending just a few minutes a day going through the prompts in this journal can make a big difference. You’ll figure out what’s holding you back and open up new possibilities.

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ALL success starts in the MIND before it becomes REALITY. And journaling is THE most powerful way to take what’s in our mind and put it into tangible form–on paper. Do it right and journaling can help you gain laser-lucid clarity in every area of your life–and help you bring it to fruition, too. (It’s one of the few tools that will help you do both!)

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My Dream Life Journal 
for Manifesting the life I want 

There’s truly only one big difference between people who are living their dream lives, and those who continue to only daydream about a better future. That difference? Clarity. And that’s exactly what this journal was designed to help you achieve.

If you’re ready to cut through confusion & finally figure out what you truly desire, then let’s put your dream life on paper.

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 Dream Life  journal

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