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Tame Your Brain by Colouring Mandalas

Mandalas have recently become immensely popular, although their existence has started long ago. The very word "mandala," translated from Sanskrit, means circle. Simultaneously, according to the Buddhist faith members' explanation, the term itself refers to a pictorial representation of the universe. 

It is important to note that Mandalas appear in all fragments of human life. Mandalas appear in the moon, sun, and earth. In a certain way, it symbolizes the circle of life, including your friends, family, and the culture in which you live.

Mandalas’ meaning is a circular pattern that symbolizes that life is like a circle; it never ends. Mandalas can have a powerful spiritual meaning for a person/group of people.

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How to Use Mandalas

When choosing a Mandala, make sure that you know its its visual appearance is attractive. If a particular Mandala is appealing to us, experts say the Mandala helps our brain prevent running thoughts from breaking through and allows us to have a spiritual view of that Mandala.

After that, you need to observe it for a while before you start coloring it. The longer you follow the mandala lines, the more you can become aware of the feeling of light. Intuitive thoughts can become more powerful. You can create mandalas yourself, and you can also start coloring existing ones for it to work.

Mandala Coloring Methods:

·      From the inside out - that means you start from the center.

·      From the outside in - this way can help you establish more vital meditation skills, while at the same time, it encourages creativity.

·      By Sections - Every Mandala usually has 4/6/8 symmetrical sections.

·      Optional - In the end, there are no rules. You can choose the way that is the most fun for you to draw or color a mandala.

How to Choose Your Colours

If you want to use Mandalas for specific purposes, check out the color meanings and choose based on what you need.

Meaning of Different Colors:

·      Red: Symbolizes strength, passion, and energy, aggression, sensuality. At the same time, red color is the color of the first Chakra.

·      Orange: Symbolizes change, creativity, transformation, self-esteem. It is the color of the second Chakra.

·      Yellow: It symbolizes happiness, desire to learn and acquire new knowledge, willpower, laughter, and wisdom. It is the color of the third Chakra.

·      Green: This color is a symbol of nature, hope, physical healing, psychic abilities. It is the color of the fourth Chakra.

·      Blue: This is the color of the fifth Chakra. It symbolizes peace, calmness, communication, respect, meditation, inner peace, and emotional healing.

·      Indigo blue:  This is the color of the sixth Chakra. It represents intuition, mind, justice, creativity.

·      Purple: This is the color of the seventh Chakra. At the same time, it symbolizes oscillations, creativity, focus, and everything related to spirituality.

·      Black: In most cultures, this color has a negative connotation. The color black symbolizes individuality, deep thinking, mystery, authority, etc.

·      Pink: Symbolizes love, femininity, tenderness.

Mandalas can help us tame our minds and brains, establish stronger concentration and focus, get rid of stress and unnecessary thoughts, practice self-discipline, and meditate in a slightly different way.

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