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How to Use Affirmations to Overcome Fear

If you begin to use affirmations in your life, you’ll unleash a power that can eliminate the control fear has over you. You can use affirmations to get you through the tough times, overcome fears and gain self-confidence.


Throughout life, many situations will cause fear, but fear isn’t always bad! It can actually play an important role in your life.

Fear can instantly get your heart pumping faster and give you the adrenalin rush needed to get you away from a threatening situation. If someone were to chase you down the street, your fear could push you to run faster or think on your feet. In fact, fear may be necessary to drive you to safety.

Unfortunately, fear also comes at times when you’re in no danger at all. That’s when fear becomes destructive. These types of fears can hinder your daily lifestyle and make you act in ways that you wish you didn’t.

These are the fears to overcome. Irrational fears, like the fear of being in an elevator or a fear of speaking in public, could cause you to avoid situations that could provide tremendous value in your life.

Instead of avoiding fearful situations, learn to conquer your fears and live your life to the fullest.


Affirmations can help you overcome your fears by keeping your focus on being positive and in the present moment.

Affirmations are short, positive statements that are written in the present tense. They describe how you want to feel as if you already experience those empowering emotions.

You can find affirmations that pertain to your specific fear, or you can write your own. For example, if you fear elevators, you can recite to yourself: “I feel calm and relaxed right now.” Repeat this phrase along with other affirmations next time you ride in an elevator.

Find the courage within yourself to face the fearful situation.

The Importance of Believing in Yourself

Affirmations only provide power for you if you bring to them a determination to get over your fears. Repeated on a daily basis, affirmations reprogram your mind to believe and act differently in the stressful situations you’re seeking to overcome. But you must be consistent and keep an open mind for them to work for you.

People get over their fears every day. You can find the courage and strength within yourself to finally declare that you’re free from fear! Even if affirmations seem kind of silly at first, stick with it. They might not make you feel courageous immediately, but give it some time. Keep repeating them and you will see positive results.


You can find affirmations for almost any fear or negative emotion. But it may be more effective to write your own. Simply imagine yourself in the situation, responding perfectly and feeling peaceful inside. Write a positive, present tense statement, in the first person, describing what you see in your mind’s eye.

Create a few affirmations and repeat them to yourself over and over again. Repeat this exercise every day, and soon you’ll begin to notice yourself feeling differently about the situation.

Once you’ve worked through one fear with affirmations, you’ll possess a tool that can conquer any fear that you have. Begin harnessing the power of affirmations today! Start small and allow the positive results to motivate you to use them more and more in the future.

Here are some Affirmation reflections (below) to help you with Fear.


-I walk through life with a power that comes from knowing that I am blessed. My reaction to challenges is one of confidence because I know that there is a solution. Fear seldom gets in the way of my endeavours.

-Fear has little control over my life.

-When I allow myself to be enclosed by fear, I lose my ability to experience a full life. I believe that I am here to make the most of the blessing of existence.

-Some things are more difficult to take on than others, so I use added reinforcement. My supportive allies give me the courage to believe in myself. They walk with me towards a destination of greater self-realisation.

-Making a big career change is a big deal, especially when only a part of the plan is figured out. But I forge ahead anyway.

-Instead of looking a new job as a potential challenge, I view it as an adventure. The thought of discovery has a way of making me embrace what is in front of me. Things are only as scary as I allow them to be.

-My biggest bucket list item is to bungee jump. Although the thought of doing it is still intimidating, I keep it on my list.

-I know that there is a time for each new chapter and experience in my life.

-Today, the four-letter word that prevents so many from realising their potential has zero power over my life. I commit to staring fear in the eyes and trampling it with my courage and fortitude.


  1. What are some of my biggest fears?
  2. What impact does overcoming a fear have on anything else that intimidates me?
  3. How do I channel negative energy into motivation to act courageously?

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