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The Power of Failure

The truth is, you only fail when you give up! When you keep trying until you’ve found the answer or the solution, you’re successful.

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Why you should Live as Your Future Self

Look to the future to change your present with these strategies. Why wait 10 years to begin acting and believing a certain way? You can start right now and speed up your progress considerably.

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How Negative Self-Talk Can Destroy Your Financial Future

Just as negative self-talk becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, so does positive self-talk. Reframe your thinking, and your business finances will certainly improve.

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Are You Afraid of Success?

Fear of success has multiple components and symptoms. Read on to see if a fear of success is an obstacle for you. Fear of success is a common obstacle to consistent and lasting success. People are often masters of achieving 90% of a goal, only to throw it all away at the last moment.

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Don’t Sit in the Social Media Shadows – Tell Your Message to the World!

If you don’t toot your own horn once in a while, nobody else will do it for you. Don’t sit back and wait for people to find you. Be proactive and step out from behind your computer and TELL people what your business is all about.

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How to Maintain Positive Thoughts During A Crisis

This month a pandemic unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime came to the World. No one is certain how bad it will affect us; no one knows how long we need to stay home. People have been laid off, ordered to stay home, are unable to work, schools are closed and everyone’s wallet seems […]

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Finding Joy In Hard Times “This too Shall Pass”

As sure as the sun rises and sets each day, you will have periods in your life when things are just not going your way. In reality, life is basically a constant fluctuation of emotional highs and lows. While most of our time is spent in the fairly even, mundane state of emotional normalcy, this […]

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5 At Home Stress Soothers To Get Through These Hard Times

If life is a series of valleys and peaks, right now we’re riding a rollercoaster through the depths of the valleys. We are low, on a global level, right now. It’s in these difficult times where you need more guidance and support…there are plenty of at-home stress soothers you can try that will help get you through these hard times.

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Tips for Getting Out of a Rut and Starting Fresh

Life is full of fresh starts, from your first day of kindergarten to new relationships, moving cities, and new jobs. A fresh start is an opportunity to switch things up and do things differently. It’s up to you how you want to live your life, and you can totally choose to do things your own way. Make a commitment to yourself to take back control of your life and leap into a fresh start.

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7 Ways to Make a Fresh Start on Your Goals (Even When You Failed in the Past)

Failure gets a bad rap in our society. And that’s a shame, because failing just means you haven’t found the right way yet.
So, a fresh start is a good thing, and one you can make any time. Pick yourself up and follow these expert tips to get on track.

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