Kylie Sayce

Design a life that you love!


I'm Kylie. 

I'm a Nurse practitioner,
master mindset coach-teacher & content creator

Nurse Practitioner | Positive Psychology 
Certified Master Mindset Coach
(Manifestation | Success
Mindset | Mindfulness) 

I Help You make the MINDSET Shifts Needed To Propel You Towards Joy, Happiness &SUCCESS!

My journey has had many twists & turns...

Stuck. Unhealthy. Very unhappy. And... Broke.

That was how I would have described myself (not out loud of course!) 
 I mean, I had done everything I thought I was meant to do..got to the top of my profession as a Nurse Practitioner; ; had the 4 children; had the house with all the stuff (was in debt up to my eyeballs) & going through a messy break up......

I was living in "Conditioned Survival Mode" until one day I said to myself..
F#@*# is this all there is? 

I had a shift when I learned...

Life as we experience it, is actually an INSIDE JOB.

You cannot Create a life that you love from survival mode, as this is FEAR based and all of your energy is in the Past or the Future. If you stay there you will just create the same or similar experiences over and over again & this can manifest as "disease" from the hormones of stress. 

You can only design a life that you Love from the present Moment... The Now
& the secrets to success are actually much simpler than we are lead to believe.  

Now my mission is to help people just like you.

To step back into your infinite power to Live Authentically, Explode your business, find Your Passion & Life Purpose.. Design Your Best Business & Life Ever. 

It absolutely is possible to have abundance, joy, love & success in ALL areas of your Life. 

Let's go from where you are to where you long to be.

Let's Go...

Walk with me and together we can create your new life story & compelling new future, this time one of your own design... 


Success, Joy & Happiness is absolutely inevitable if you know the secrets!

words I live by

countries I've visited in past 7 years


Nurse practitioner
& Certified life coach 


women in our sisterhood


cups of coffee per day
  so i tell myself :) 




Kids, grandaughter & my Partner

My loves:

My Favorite Things

Anywhere with a day spa  

Vacay Spot:

Travel & Massage


My Timeline

where I've been


Unhappy and unhealthy Caught in the Conditioned Rut


Left a 14 year relationship, my house & my stuff


Made it to the top of my profession (completed Masters Degree) 

Late 2016

Discovered the power of personal development & started to design my life

Early 2016

Met my current Partner.. start of a blissful relationship


Study, study, study... science and made the link with the power of mindfulness, health, wealth & success.


Started coaching & guiding women on health, wellness, success & abundance


I get to coach, teach & create for people all over the world and teach them how to achieve Success, Joy, Happiness  & design a life that they love.


Covid hit with  lockdowns 
Time to create Built my online store

late 2022

Started ETSY Shop

There is only the NOW!
Choose your adventure!

Think we're a

  I'm ready when
you are!

Design my life

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