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Get rid of Your Limiting Beliefs & Attract Abundance

June 2, 2021

Your beliefs colour your perception of the world and your experiences, follow this 7 Step process to get rid of your limiting beliefs to attract more abundance into your life.

Many beliefs are true only because you believe them to be.

If your beliefs aren’t congruent with excelling in life and receiving abundance, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever live the life you deserve. When your results are falling short of your desires, your beliefs are the logical place to make a change.

Many of the beliefs you hold most strongly are inaccurate. Most of our fundamental beliefs are formed at a young age.

We often learn these beliefs from sources that aren’t operating at the expert level. It’s easy to see why we have beliefs that hold us back from experiencing all the abundance we deserve.

Choose a negative belief you want to work on and begin the following process of eliminating your limiting belief:

Step 1. To Get rid of your limiting belief is to Challenge the belief.

Suppose you held the belief that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Where did the belief originate? What was the source? Did you read it or experience it first-hand? Was it something you learned from a parent, teacher, or peer?

-Is the source reliable? Has this source been wrong about other things in the past? Is this person an expert regarding the belief? You wouldn’t take long-term relationship advice from someone that’s been divorced 5 times.

-Do you have proof that your belief is accurate?

-Could the opposite be true?

-What if your belief is wrong? What would change?

Step 2. To get rid of your limiting belief is to become aware of How has this belief has limited or harmed you in the past?

List all the times this belief has steered you in the wrong direction or stopped you from taking action.

Visualise your past and re-experience the pain and disappointment this belief has created.

Realise that releasing this belief is a positive and necessary step.

Step 3. To get rid of your limiting belief is to Create a new belief that serves you.

It’s not enough to let go of a belief. It’s important to replace it with a new perspective.

What is a more useful alternative to your current belief? For the previous example, you might choose the belief, “Anyone can attract wealth and abundance.”

-Make a list of alternative beliefs and choose the one that feels the most empowering

Step 4. To get rid of your limiting belief is to Search for evidence that your new belief is possible.

Do you know any wealthy people that started with little money?

Seek out examples of successful people that came from humble beginnings.

-Have there been instances in the past you’ve proven your new, desirable belief correct?

-Make a list of all the times you’ve been successful in congruence with your new belief.

Step 5. Get excited. Visualise yourself living your new belief.

How would your life change?

How would that make you feel?

What would you accomplish?

Stick with this process until you feel a high level of excitement and enthusiasm.

Step 6. To get rid of your limiting belief is to Reinforce the new belief.

Repeat your new belief to yourself 100 times each day. This will only take a few minutes. Make time in the morning and evening to complete this task

Beliefs are most easily formed through strong emotional reactions and repetition.

The previous step provided the emotion. This step provides the repetition.

Step 7. Continue until your new belief is rock solid.

It’s easy to slip back into old patterns of thinking.

Continue the process of visualising your new belief in action and performing the 100 repetitions until your new belief is unshakeable.

Your beliefs shape your results and your future. If you’re dissatisfied with your life, begin by addressing your limiting beliefs. Follow this simple yet powerful 7 step process to get rid of all your limiting beliefs holding you back from the abundant life you deserve.

New beliefs are easy to install. Consider how easy it was to install your previously held beliefs without intention.

The key is to find evidence for the new belief, surround the new belief with enthusiasm, and remind yourself daily.

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