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How to take back your power in these challenging times!

August 6, 2020

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Right now it appears on the outset that our world as we know it is “crumbling” we are in the biggest health & economic crisis since WW2 and no Country is immune. The majority of us are living in “fear” one of the lowest vibrations of all, you cannot create from this vibration as your in survival mode. We are being forced into separation and smashed by media driven fear: Fear of health, fear of loss, fear of job security, fear of food security.

 Once you learn to “let go” of these things that are out of your control and focus on your own personal development of gaining control of your “inner dialogue” you will regain your personal power and return to creating, manifesting a more advantageous path. 

Don’t believe me ? Let me quickly show you how I have been going through this “pandemic”. Even through my many years of practicing mindfulness, meditation & personal development I too come up to challenges. The difference here though is I see them as “challenges that will always have a positive, there will always be something here that will serve me & with inner work I can turn this into an opportunity”. 

For the past almost 6 months I have been isolated from my children and partner, my NP work takes me inter state and I am border blocked, If I choose to return home then I cannot return back to work…. so you see I did have a choice but I chose to serve my higher values instead of allowing fear to reign. I chose to stay in another state (whilst financially maintaining my house back in NSW). 

“Why would you do that”? I hear you say…. the reason is because I am aware that my higher values are to ensure financial security for my family, partner and myself. You may or may not make the same decision as I did and thats to be expected as you will have different higher values than me, I also want to remind you we also need to practice “non judgement” in this as accept that we are all different and will always gravitate to serve our higher values no matter what they are. 

 I am also aware that separation is an illusion. Whilst we are being forced into mandatory separation from the government through isolation, quarantining, social distancing what ever you want to call it…. this is physical separation but there is no such thing as separation in universal laws and quantum physics, we are all connected in fact everything is connected. Once you realise this all of the fear, all of the power disappears, it no longer has control over you and your start turning these challenges into opportunities. 

Which is exactly what I have done. I am telling you the following not to brag or impress you but to impress UPON you & show you that you absolutely have the power to shift everything that you’re experiencing right now. 

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As I write this Im sitting in a 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the beach in WA, no it isn’t my home and no I’m not with my family but I am not paying for it either. It’s fully covered by my work as Im providing essential services to an industry desperate for my expertise (a win/win). Im also provided with a car to drive while I’m on R & R (rest & relaxation) from my employed job. I have also created almost twice my regular income whilst the majority are losing their paying jobs and this is just from my paying job. You see I choose to work as a nurse practitioner for two weeks on at a time with two weeks off each month…. this allows me to practice as a NP which I love and in my two weeks off I work with my 1:1 coaching clients (which I also love) and work on my business. Furthermore my 1:1 sessions are completely booked out for the entire year. 

How did I do this? 

Simple really, I coach & teach a success method which incorporates what I call the “Three M’s”. Mindset, Mindfulness & Manifestation = Success 

Mindset work incorporates working on your “story”, your values & beliefs. We basically re-program the subconscious program that runs 90% of our lives. 

Mindfulness incorporates practices that bring you back to the present moment, you cannot create from the past nor the future (even though the majority of us live in the past/future most of the time which eventually causes dis-ease in the mind and/or body)

Manifestation incorporates working with the 7 main Universal Laws & quantum physics. Bringing the conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds into alignment. 

All of the 3 M’s work together, they intermingle with some practices working on several levels at once…. the first step though is an “awareness” that you do have the power to take charge of your life and a willingness to do the work that is required to make the shift.


If your ready to start the shift then come and join my community network for free & follow my posts over the next 30 days, I will create a seperate topic called “30 Day Challenge: Building Traits To Deal with Life’s Challenges” I will post daily for the next 30 days with a daily challenge on the following (focusing 3 days on each topic). Courage, Mindfulness, Curiosity, Calm, Honesty, Confidence, Empathy, Gratitude, Grit, Enthusiasm.

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