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15 Abundance Affirmations to help you get all that you want!

August 4, 2020

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Want to know one of my secrets to getting what I want ? Its the consistent use of Affirmations & Gratitude together!

I have created a multi 6 figure income, the partner of my dreams, travel all over the World (hmm not currently due to Covid19) actually it was 6 different trips (Countries) in 2 years. I have also helped countless other women achieve what they want.

Now Im not here to impress you but to impress upon you.. to show you that this stuff works but it takes consistency & practice which is all achievable so read on as I will also give you my favourite “fast track” tip.

Firstly, Affirmations are a powerful way to re-program your subconscious mind.

If you want to learn more about affirmations you can read my other posts here …

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Affirmations work extremely well, as I already mentioned above, you just need to be consistent as you need to over-write the current subconscious program that is running, thats all your subconscious mind is “a program” and our daily lives are run over 90% of the the time by this program.

Choose a few of the affirmations from the list below, ones that resonate with you and write them in a journal every day for 21 days, at least 10 times each affirmation…. then choose another affirmation or two to work with.

They work by repetition, with repetition, the affirmation/statement becomes stored in your sub conscious mind (the program that runs your life) and starts to change your beliefs, influence your personality and even alter your experience of life.

Now I consistently get asked “can you fast track this” and the answer is YES!… One of these is through consciously listening to “subliminal positive affirmation messages” they work the same way utilising principles of hypnosis, NLP and positive affirmations.

Two of my favourite on this topic (one one’s that I use) of abundance is the “Attract Money in Abundance” and the “Law of Attraction” series. You can also grab the free App and download your favourites to listen to amplify your affirmation success.

You Can Try some for FREE here.

Now here are the 15 affirmations I promised, remember just choose one or two (you can break them up into smaller sentences or even mix & match) that you want to work with and write them down each day at least 10 times each (I usually do 20 per affirmation Im working on) for 21 days in a journal or on paper (they work better if hand written) and say them out loud or in your mind with each sentence and if you can start to feel some gratitude for already having the experience your writing about…. as I said earlier combining the affirmation (the thought) with an elevated emotion amplifies the process.

If your using subliminal affirmations you can just visualise in your minds eye (as your listening) what it is your wanting to manifest and once again combine it with an elevated emotion… this way your bringing the future into the present moment as well.

15 Abundance Affirmations

-I easily and effortlessly attract financial abundance.

-All the money I need is available to me. I have access to a never-ending supply of financial abundance.

My income is always increasing, and my potential income is limitless. Whatever I need appears to me whenever I need it. I easily and effortlessly attract money.

-Life brings financial opportunities on a regular basis. I know that there is an opportunity right now that can add significantly to my wealth. If I keep my eyes open, I can see it.

-I open myself to spotting these opportunities. I aggressively pursue them. I do my part to create financial abundance.

-Steady financial progress is my goal. I am moving forward and consistently enhancing my financial position. I am committed to avoiding silly financial mistakes.

-Money flows to me in unexpected ways from unexpected sources. I am regularly surprised by the way money appears in my life. I am financially blessed.

I express gratitude each day for the financial abundance in my life. My gratitude attracts even more wealth into my life.

-Today, I am committed to allowing wealth to flow into my life. I accept the opportunities presented to me, and I pursue those opportunities to the best of my ability. I am easily and effortlessly attracting financial abundance.

-I clearly see opportunities to effortlessly make money.

-Opportunities to make money are all around me. There are endless possibilities available to me to increase my financial wealth. I only need to open my eyes and pay attention. When I am focused on finding these opportunities, they become crystal clear to me.

-Money is easy for me. I can effortlessly make money whenever I choose. Financial abundance is naturally attracted to me. Money-making opportunities follow me wherever I go. When I choose to make money, unlimited opportunities are always available to me.

-I have an open mind when it comes to my finances. I consider all the possibilities and see all the angles. I can see things the average person fails to notice. This is one of my great advantages over everyone else. I can plainly see all the opportunities to effortlessly make money.

-When I spot the right opportunity for me, I enthusiastically take action. I am very action oriented. I know that an opportunity is just a possibility. I have a responsibility to make the most of that opportunity. I take full responsibility for my financial life.

-Today, I am feeling extra observant. I am in tune with all the money-making opportunities in my life. I am keenly aware of the financial possibilities in my environment. My eyes, ears, and mind are open.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How much money do I need to make each year to enjoy the lifestyle I desire?

What financial opportunities am I failing to see? How can I take advantage of those opportunities?

What financial opportunities have I missed? Why did I miss them?

What are the biggest financial opportunities I have missed? Why did I fail to recognise or pursue them?

What financial opportunities exist in my life right now?

Am I open to the idea of being wealthy? If not, why?

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