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Powerful Exercises to Get What You Want!

July 9, 2020

You may not know that your brain uses visualisation all the time. Your mind creates pictures of possible eventualities or future experiences to help you make better choices. You can use this to your advantage to help you get what you want.

This process usually occurs behind the scenes, in your subconscious, so you do not even know it is going on. But you can learn to use this same technique of visualisation to actively create a vision for your future, which can then help you achieve it. Instead of living in a memory of the past.

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Your thoughts and beliefs guide all your choices. When you use techniques like visualisation, it primes your senses and your mind to filter your perceptions in a certain way.

This makes you more aware of possibilities that might help you realise a goal, creates an emotional state that is necessary for motivation, and provides you with a reminder of the goal that you are trying to achieve.

Here are some useful and helpful visualisation exercises that you can use to get all you want in life.

Write About Your Ideal Outcome

So, you have a goal in mind that is important to you. Sit down and think about what it would be like to accomplish this goal. What exactly would be happening if everything were to come together, and your dream would become a reality? What would you look like? How would you feel? What would happen to others in your life?

Write this scene in as much detail as you can, describing it in the present tense as if it is happening right now in front of you. Include details that use all the senses and include your emotional state upon realising this goal. Then, spend time each day reading through your scene, meditating on this outcome, and focusing on this ideal setting that represents the culmination of your work and thoughts.

Imagine a Conversation with Someone Else

In this exercise, you are again looking into the future, to a time when you have everything you want, and your dreams have become part of your lived experience.

You meet a friend at a restaurant who asks you how things are going in your life. Imagine and play out that conversation, telling your friend of all the fantastic things you have experienced, all the success that you are enjoying.

Talk to them about how it feels to attain your goals. Share your perspectives on what it took to get here. Having this type of imaginary conversation helps you envision a day when your dreams are real, and you have all you want.

Act Like You Have Already Accomplished Your Goal

Instead of waiting for your dream to come true, start acting today like it already has. Acting as if you have realised your dream changes how you behave, react to others, and perceive the world. Transforming how you look, speak, and think can lead others to treat you differently and changes how you see the world.

All of these can open new possibilities and help you actually to realise your dream. Acting as if you have all you want can lead you to achieve your goals.

Surround Yourself with Images

Pictures are great reminders that help you stay focused and remind you of your goals. Find images that represent various aspects of your idealised future. Collect several and place them strategically around your environment at home and the office.

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Every time you look at it, you will think about what it will mean to accomplish your goal and remind you of your mission. Associate each picture with a specific word, phrase, or scenario that inspires you, and repeat that to yourself every time you look at the image.

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