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New Year, New You

January 5, 2020

I know, I know – this is such a cliche. There is nothing magical about the turn of the new year. How many people make a resolution that day, only to forget about by February?

That said, something is reassuring about the idea of brand New Year. It is a blank slate waiting for you to write your story. If you want to make real, lasting change this New Year – then follow the tips below.


The first step to having an incredible year is to forgive yourself for any failures you had in the past year. Failure is simply a lesson learned, so try and remember that. Forgive yourself for the other mistakes you made along the way as well. Forgiveness is the only way to take on the new year regret-free.

What Do You Want?

How often do you take the time to think about what you want? If you are like the average person, then it probably isn’t too often. Change that this year! Take some time to think about what you want to accomplish in your life. Focus on the next year, of course, but think long term as well.

Why Do You Want It?

If you know what you want this year, do you know why you want it? That might not seem like it matters, but “the why” is your whole motivation. When you understand why you want something, it is easier to stay on track to reach that goal. Think about how the things you want could change your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Who Matters?

This new year is all about the people who matter. Make a concerted effort to spend more time around like-minded people. Find people who share your values and goals. Let go of people who are toxic or hold you back. It may sound harsh, but we only have 365 days each year, shouldn’t we strive to spend as many of those days with people we truly love?

Health and Wellness Check

The start of a new year is a great time to make sure you are in good health – both physical and mental. If you have any nagging issues you have been avoiding, this is a great time to make appointments with professionals who can help. Trying to get healthy in the new year is often viewed as a cliche, but don’t let that hold you back from trying.

Set Goals

A lot of people talk about resolutions, but these are nothing more than goals without a plan. It’s far more effective to set actual goals. Think about what you want to accomplish and then write it down. Your goals should be written down, specific, and include some sort of deadline.

Track Your Wins

Journaling is an excellent habit for a wide variety of reasons, but it can be tough to commit to for some people. An excellent place to start is simply tracking your wins or small victories. Any time you accomplish something or get positive feedback, jot it down in a journal. Whenever you feel self-doubt creep in, you can read through this list for some instant motivation.

Plan to do One Thing That Scares You

It is tough to accomplish anything substantial if you are afraid to break out of your comfort zone. Try to plan something that genuinely scares you this year. For example, if you are scared of flying, you can book a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. If you have a fear of public speaking, maybe you can join a local public speaking group like Toast Masters.

Reward Yourself

No one wants to work all year tirelessly with no rewards! For everything you want to accomplish, make sure you think of an applicable reward. These rewards will help keep you motivated. Try to ensure that the rewards match your goals. Bigger goals mean more significant rewards and vice-versa.


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  Take some time to brainstorm your ideal year. Write it down in great detail. What do you want to accomplish?  What do you want to experience? Who do you want to spend it with?   Think about what you just visualised. If you could achieve one single thing from your ideal year brainstorming, what would it be? This will be your goal for the year. Your guiding light.   Think about your comfort zone and how it has held you back. Try to think of something you could do to step out of it. Make concrete plans to do something that really scares you.

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