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Living Your Best Life

December 27, 2019


You can’t log on to Facebook or Instagram without seeing someone post about “Living their Best Life”. What does it even mean? While it’s probably lost a lot of its meaning as it became a meme, it means exactly what it says. You are striving to live the best life you can. If you want to start “Living your best life”, follow these 9 powerful tips.

Accept Responsibility

You need to fully accept that you are in control and responsible for your own life. You won’t be able to live your best life if you blame other people or circumstances for your shortcomings. Once you accept responsibility, you will be able to move towards living your best life.

Know What You Want

You need to be clear about what kind of life you want to lead. If you don’t have a firm specific idea of what your best life is, how can you even start to make it a reality? Take some time to really think and visualise the life you want to lead.

Work on Your Communication

No matter what you want to accomplish, being able to eloquently communicate is vital. If you can’t communicate your wants, desires, needs or beliefs, then you can’t possibly live your best life. Improving your communication skills will help your relationships, family life and career/business.

Focus on Yourself

People living their best life don’t have the time to concern themselves with the thoughts of others. You are doing this for yourself and your loved ones. If anyone else has a problem with it – too bad. Focus on the things you want, and don’t worry if random people judge you.

Embrace Your Social Circle

The only people that should matter are your loved ones. Embrace the people who make you feel loved. Surround yourself with positive, happy people that share similar goals as you. Make sure to reach out regularly to the people you truly love. What’s the point of living your best life, if there is no one to share it with?

Gratitude is Great!

People who live their best life, carve out time to appreciate the things they already have. You can’t be truly content if your eyes are constantly on the future. Take time to live in the now. Count your blessings. Reflect on all the good you already have in your life.

Get Healthy

Exercise and a healthy diet aren’t always an exciting topic but they are vitally important to living your best life. Working on your health has plenty of related benefits outside of actual your health. You will feel better about yourself, more motivated, have more energy, and it fosters a sense of well-being. Those all sounds like important aspects of living your best life!

Spend Time Doing Things You Love

One of the simplest acts you can do to live your best life …is actually live it! Do things that you really enjoy or love. Take that class you always wanted to. Dive into that hobby you thought people would find weird. Spend your down time doing things you truly enjoy.

Try New Things

Trying new things is important aspect of living your best life. When you try new things, you will learn a lot about yourself, as well as what you want in life. If you stay stagnant, doing the same old thing, you might be missing out on experiences that can make your life that much better. The excitement of a new undertaking or adventure is one of the most enjoyable aspects of living your best life.


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Figure out what you want. Sit down and brainstorm what your ideal life would be like. Don’t focus on some super exciting adventure though. Think about how’d you like your day-to-day average life to be.       Make a list of everything you are grateful for. This should be a living list so keep it handy and try to add to it as often as possible. One good technique to to write down a single thing you are grateful for each day.   Think of something that you have never done, but you have always wanted to try. Once you have thought about that, do some research on what it would take to make it a reality. Set a goal to try this new experience by the end of the year.

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